Food Fight

Cheese is funny… Why is that? Maybe it’s just me, but some words and concepts make me smile. Coleslaw is silly too.

29-utterly-puerile-rounds-of-cards-against-humani-2-3844-1401459108-7_dblbigI love Cards Against Humanity, it’s such a simple giggly game after a few drinks. I play a lot of board games with my kids, but of course I can’t play Humanity with them. (If you’ve tried it you’ll know why.) Apples To Apples is a a child friendly version, but we don’t much like it. So the kids and I decided to create our own  word fighting game.

Our game wasn’t exactly the same as Cards Against Humanity. We decided to write some words on cards (bits of paper) and the object was to put the words together, to create characters with weapons, to see who would win. We had great fun coming up with the words. There was ‘awesome’ and ‘bunny’ and ‘sparkly’ and ‘dead.’ There was ‘zombie’ and ‘smelly’ and ‘silly’ and ‘tickle.’ There was lots more word madness. We tried it, and even in its most basic form it worked.

So you might have, ‘Cute bunny shooting flower gun’ versus ‘Giant robot with pizza breath.’

Clearly a no-brainer, the pizza breath robot wins..!

We chatted about the game on the way to school. We talked about a system of levels where you gain more powerful words. We worked out how the points were scored. We spent days saying, ‘That’s a good word’ in conversation and adding it to the game list.

Yesterday my daughter came running downstairs, wailing “Nooooo!”

She told me the bad news. “Google Superfight,” she said.

So I did.

superfight-card-game-10317 (1)There was our game! There were a few differences, it was more serious and adult orientated, and the phrases were  a bit longer… It meant we could buy this game and play it. Perhaps I should have looked up ‘fighting with words’ card games and found it? I decided it would be good to have a proper copy of a game professionally produced.

Who am I kidding? We were gutted!

“Don’t worry Mum, we can make other games.”

This is true. We are a family who like to talk games, and sometimes, sitting on the living room floor, we invent games that are different versions of the ones in our cupboard. My son was right. We would make other games. So I decided to put Superfight on my Christmas list and forget about it.

Then we had pizza.

“All the best foods in the world have cheese on them,” I said. “The best countries for food always use cheese.”

“What about sushi?” my son pointed out.

“Italian and Mexican are pretty good,” my daughter pointed out. “But there’s no cheese in Indian.”

“Cheese on toast,” I said.

This argument was poor. My children laughed. You see? Cheese is funny!

This is when I got the idea. We started again with our game… It had a new concept now, it was ‘Food Fight.’ We scribbled down the silliest food words on scraps of paper. We fought with food and the yuckiest won. We had ‘Stinky cheese custard splat gun’ versus ‘Terrifying baked bean fountain’. The grossest food won, and our randomly invented characters were covered with splats when they lost.

43545fb2-3bcc-43e3-bce1-ca72b8ffde7bYou had to use only the food you had in your cupboard, and in a twist that seemed to work , a ‘food fight’ would sometimes switch to a ‘food feast’. Then suddenly it got all Great British Bake Off, and we were trying to create the most delicious concoctions with our silly ingredients.

There will be a lot of laughs about my passion for Pot Noodle, there will be many references to the fact I love the word falafel… The kids will argue for the inclusion of the word ‘fart’ and I will say no.

I don’t think it matters that someone has run a Kickstarter campaign and that a better game exists. We like our game, it even has ‘sea food platter’ which is a hilarious family thing. There’s just as much fun in the making as the playing.

I stand by my statement that cheese is important to world food culture. Yoghurt too. So I know that when I play Food Fight tomorrow I will score maximum points for yoghurt barbecue sea food platter.

This is a family  joke, and this is a family game. And it’s so much better that way.


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