About me

I’m Joanne Bartley and this is my blog about life in Whitstable. I will witter about my various interests. These are, in no particular order:

Kent education. I think there’s a class divide in our secondary schools. I love nothing better than researching education stats and plotting the end of the 11-plus. I chair the Kent Education Network and work for Comprehensive Future.

Writing. I organise a local writing group, Writers of Whitstable. I’m writing a novel, it’s almost finished, though I said that when I finished the last draft…

Web apps. I like trying new things and have developed two web programs, PlayMaker (a geolocation clue game) and Story Planner, a site for planning novels.

Local issues. I care about my town and think it’s good to be involved in local democracy. We have a great community here. I help to organise the annual Whitstable Fun Palace and we get lots of new volunteers every year.

Family life. I have two children, my son is ten and wants to be a YouTube star, my daughter is seventeen and wants to be a computer programmer. My husband is a Conservative councillor (his blog is here.) We love playing board games and watching Bake Off.

I hope you enjoy my blog.