I have set up this blog to witter about life in Whitstable, especially my interest in community activity. I organise Museum of Fun and Writers of Whitstable, and I very much enjoy giving my time to make things happen that might mean something to people. This recently involved sculpting mashed potato so it’s not at all as grand as it sounds!

I’m married to Stephen Bartley, the Conservative councillor for Seasalter and his recent election has given me a reason to think about politics and local issues. I am a big fan of openness and people getting involved in democracy. I recently wore a blue rosette and watched my husband’s votes get counted while enjoying chats with candidates of various parties. I believe anyone who stands in an election, or puts a leaflet through a door, deserves our respect for getting out there, caring, and doing stuff. I vote for the Doers of the World.

In my day job I work in Marketing (someone has to) and mostly work from home. I have two children who put up with me and warn me when my next Fun Idea is silly  rather than  enjoyable. My dear husband is very much a Doer and I’m extremely proud of him, he writes an excellent blog about life as a councillor at Whitstable Not The West Wing. 

I hope you enjoy this blog, if you want to contact me find me on Twitter @TootingJo or use the contact form below.


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